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How to Shrink (Downsize) The Droplate Size

How to migrate postgresql database from one droplet to another.

Use Python to translate text from images to any language

Tutorial on how can you translate your favorite book, paper, text in a matter of seconds or minutes from and to any language.

Software Development Engineer in Test || How Google tests software?

Who is SDET and why Google does not hire manual testers. Read all advices we get from Google on testing.

Solo Game Development Adventure 1 - Beginning of The C# Adventure.

Starting on journey similar to Stardew Valley. Gathering all the information from the internet, tight your shoelaces and hop on an adventure!

Idea on How to Last Inside LEGO

Investigation of durability and logevity of LEGO bricks and of human presence on Earth.

JAB Code - Everything you Need to Know About this HCCB Color Barcode

Learn how can you live forever with JAB - Just Another Bar code. It is an amazing piece of technology. Discover its capacity and use dedicated python generator.

Converting audio files with Django and Python

Learn how to use Django temporary files storage and harnest it's power with not only audio files.

🏗️ buildinpublic - your practical advices for how to create a better product

Learn how to build your product in public - tutorial based on peoples experience.

How to embed a simple javascript audio player with Django - code tutorial.

We create an audio player here and share it on other peoples' pages. Fun way to show your content somewhere else.

Integrate VanillaJS project into your GatsbyJS page.

Learn how to tackle creating a project - use JavaScript to make your custom LEGO mosaic and portraits using colors that exist in LEGO world. Calculate the price of the set and more!

LEGO-like Mosaic Art Creator - Mosaics and Portraits.

Make your custom mosaic and portraits using colors that exist in LEGO world. Calculate the average price of the set.

Geolocation tutorial project with Geodjango and GIS data to build using REST api.

How to implement geolocation and distance solutions with GeoDjango. Examples with explanation and code ready to deploy. Use the template and learn geodjango!

Django Rest Framework & Filepond ReactJS

Upload files with ReactJS Filepond component directly vie prepared REST endpoints.

Django Rest Framework & Filepond VueJS

Upload files with VueJS Filepond component directly vie prepared REST endpoints.

TUTORIAL OAuth2 Django 2 and Djoser - part 1

Explaining how to make Google Sign-In with with Djoser (Django). Demystifying the nuances and missunderstandings about social apps and plugins made with Django.

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