Write your name in LEGO - my tribute.

How it all started…

Now you know I’ve been a great fan and when having an opportunity I had to use it! I went to LEGO House and I must note that it’s the coolest place on Earth. This is how it looks like as a miniature on my work desk:

LEGO House Architecture

I must say that this place has everything that LEGO fan needs. Restaurant where you order by building LEGO, tons of amazing projects, places for smaller and older kids, shops and even a full fledged robot that all the time make lego bricks in front of your eves:

LEGO Making Robot

What do I have in my hand? This is my unique LEGO bricks combination. The picture shows how to attach those 6 pieces to have one of milions of possibilities attached to my visit at LEGO house. I could write about this place for hours but it’s not the reason why I’m making this post. VIsit this place if you’re in Denmark and now let’s focus on coding.

The tribute:

Inside - apart of hundreds of cool things - there’s a machiene that makes you pictures that you can build with actual LEGO pieces. I couldn’t resist and bought one too, but after comming home I thought it would be great to make something with code that I could share with others to make LEGO more popular and to have fun. After Googling most of the code-oriented stuff out there is around LEGO Mindstorms robots and LEGO Boost. Python and NodeJS solutions for robots. That’s amazing but not something I could afford right know (time-wise).

Fortunately someone was keen enough to make a npm package for building LEGO bricks. I thought it’s an amazing idea that I could use to make an App that let’s you write your own name in LEGO. If you want to have your name written (and printed?) somewhere you can go here and use it. You can export the result to PDF on screens with resolution higher than 1024px. This is how it looks like:


Big Thank You goes to:

THANK YOU LEGO ! For giving me great childhood, tons of ideas and joy.

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. This is not at all affiliated with The LEGO Group, and was simply a tribute of mine using the LEGO name as a proprietary eponym.

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