YouTalky - give voice to your books.

What is it?

Imagine you are drinking coffee and you see a bookshelf. It’s not one of those bookshelves that have random, junk, old books. This one has actually titles that are worth reading. One caught your eye. You are rushing for another meeting but coffee is being made for you - it’s not gonna hurt just to open a book cover to glance at the index while you wait. There is a QR code on the inner side of the book cover. Somebody wrote on top of it that you can listen to his thoughts after scanning the QR code. You scan it. Page opens. You see a list of audio files, each one with a different avatar. Underneath there is a map with pinned locations that the book has travelled to. You click play, some older guy says interesting things in excitement. You put the book back but continue to listen to other people´s thoughts. You get interested. Next time you order coffee to a table, start reading the book, you enjoy. You take it home. Finish. Record your ideas. Leave it in a different place, update it´s location.

That’s Platform that gives another life to paper copies worth reading.


Why we need it?

In atomised world where everything is moving quicker and quicker, we do not have place nor time to read and share books and our thoughts on them. Our books get more and more dusty, making other people buy more books to later collect them. Of course we have goodreads and other places where we can read reviews and comments but it´s not quite the same. Voice has it´s tone, reveals emotions, a bit of personality. Brings you closer to other person and makes it real, especially in times of fake bots.

We need to be more excited about sharing ideas, less attached to books, we can and should make them special in order to share and reuse them more.

“We are of opinion that instead of letting books grow moldy behind an iron grating, far from the vulgar gaze, it is better to let them wear out by being read.” – Jules Verne

Gathering books, especially fresh, new releases, only stops progress and slows down flow of ideas and information.

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” - I. Asimov

Imagine if you could share your insights or the most important ideas from a non-fiction book with others. There are people who don´t like reading, don´t have custom, time or just simply prefer to listen. You can just make such a recording and discuss it with people of interest. You can also connect it with a book if you please and this way, you will be able to pass it along, make it unique.

“A book read by a thousand different people is a thousand different books.” - A. Tarkovsky

That is giving your book life. Watching it on the map as it travels or meeting people wanting to read it.

Interesting books we have read, values, ideas that stuck in our minds, important feelings, breakthroughs, revelations - all that we should share with others. People are looking for knowledge. You may think that this is easy nowadays but that’s not true due to the noise. Half a milion of titles are being published every year. Very small portion of them you should read. Even smaller portion you would like to read and even smaller portion you will have time and money to read. Schopenhauer tells us in one of his great essays three (among others) key things:

1 - Think about what you’ve read 2 - Read primary texts 3 - Bad books are poison

How to use it?

For listeners:

  • Just enter, find an interesting thought or a review and listen!
  • You can and should participate in conversations. Just click record button and start talking. Listeners are as important as readers!
  • You can share links with people you like to discuss ideas with and talk over there. This way your thoughts will go out from private Telegram, Facebook or WhatsApp chats.

For readers:

  • You may release the book by going to Bookle search and typing the title you want to share.
  • You may find a book near you by going to the World View or searching the title you are looking for on Bookle

How to help?

Reach out and send feedback. Tell me what you think. What do you need and what needs to be changed! :)

Thank you!

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